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Plamen Trifonov - Co-founder and CTO of Centralyca

Plamen Trifonov

Co-Founder and CTO of Centralyca
About The Firm

Centralyca is a technology company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, specializing in the development of custom business information systems and consulting in the field of information technology and digitalization.

For our clients in various industries we have developed document management and archiving systems, contact management systems, decision making and human resource management systems, business intelligence and forecasting software, resource planning systems, mobile applications, applications for production lines and logistics.

Centralyca helps its clients to discover and satisfy the desired effect of digital transformation by providing engineering and consulting services that promote competitiveness and innovation. Our team has consulted government agencies, financial institutions and startups.

The basis of the highly positive assessment of our clients is our perception that even identical business processes are performed uniquely in each organization. This inevitably leads to the conclusion that digitalization, automation and optimization of these business processes have different meanings for each of our customers. Taking this into account and combining the excellent technical expertise of our team, we create sustainable products for our customers.